• High sensitivity radon measure
  •  Simple to use
  •  Real time data display, programmable measuring periods, from 15 mn to 4h
  •  Detection by photodiode, sensitivity 15 (Bq/m3) by (counts/hour)
  •  An emoticon indicates when the standard threshold determined by health authorities is exceeded or not
  •  Cumulative average over 24hrs, 1 month, or long term
  •  Data storage, download via USB
  •  Temperature and humidity measure
  •  1 year battery lifespan (ÆR + : alkaline 1,5V / ÆR C : Lithium 3.6V)
  •  Dimensions : 10.5 cm x 3.6 cm x 8.6 cm (H x D x W) Weight : 315 g
  •  ÆR C : Data are transmitted automatically on the internet, via Sigfox IoT network (Internet of Things)
  •  ÆR C : Website for remote data browsing. Check out for a live demo (user = demo, password = demo)
  •  Conditions of normal use for warranty : Humidity < 80%, and temperature range 0°C to 40°C

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Compliant with the requirements of International standard ISO 11665-5.

Also available in the ÆR range:

  •  ÆR: Simple and fast measurement of radon by homeowners or tenants
  •  ÆR Pro : Ventilation control output, based on radon activity concentration. On application. .


* radon is a radioactive gas identified by the WHO since 1987 as a health hazard, potentially leading to lung cancer.page1image37289408