Maintenance - Calibration

For all of its products, ALGADE provides preventive and corrective maintenance, verification and calibration services.

These services, carried out under AFAQ certification, can be part of annual assistance contracts.

They are made in our premices or on customer site.

  • Assistance

    Remote assistance
  • Diagnostic

    Online Remote diagnostic of your device
  • Calibration

    Radon calibration chamber linked to Radon primary standard (Henri Becquerel National Laboratory)
  • Measurement

    Flow rates or volumes measurement linked to reference mass flowmeter (calibration under ISO 17025 accreditation)
  • Temperature and Humidity tests

    Climatic chamber

Flow rate calibration range : 5 l/h to 700 m3/h

Equipments : 

  • Mass Flowmeters – range 10 l/h, 500 l/h, 5 m3/h, 10 m3/h, 30 m3/h, 100 m3/h. 
  • Gallus gas counter – range 2 m3/h, 5 m3/h
  • Volume gas counter – range 1000 m3/h

Reference equipment used by ALGADE are calibrated under ISO 17025 accreditation.

Quality of work equipment is verified by internal calibration (using reference equipment).

Calibrations can be performed on customer site or in our premices.




Calibration range 222Rn : 500 à 5000 Bq/m3 (another ranges are available under request).

Equipments :

  • Main calibration airtight chamber with a  volume of 1 m3 equiped with a circulation / purge system
  • Secondary calibration airtight chamber for specific tests
  • Reference Radon monitor, linked to the primary standard

Standard calibration cycle :

  • Exposure stage –48 h minimum – injection of well determined Radon activity concentration in the chamber
  • Background noise determination –72 h minimum – Radon free air (filtration through activated carbon cartridges) is flowed in the chamber

Calibrations are performed only on ALGADE’s site (Bessines sur Gartempe).


ALGADE uses a climatic chamber to :

  • calibrate its own temperature and humidity sensors
  • test the de fonctionnement et de tenue en conditions de terrain de ses produits
  • perform specific tests required by our customers

Temperature range : -40°C à +180°C

T/HR range for test : +10 to +95°C and 10 to 98 % HR.

Test chamber volume : around 100 l