LAELED-UE and LED-UD laboratories have a wide range of analytical equipment in order to measure radioactivity in all types of matrices and for all types of emission rays :

  • 9
    Gamma ray Spectrometry
    With 9 HPGe detectors for gamma emitters analysis, LAE and LED-UE laboratories may identify and quantify any natural or artificial radionuclides in liquid, solid or gaseous samples.
  • 29
    Alpha Spectrometers
    With 29 silicon detectors for alpha emitters analysis, LAE and LED-UE laboratories may quantify Uranium isotopes, Thorium isotopes, transuranium elements (Plutonium, Americium and Curium), Polonium 210 in all matrices.
  • 100
    Gas proportional counter
    With more than 100 detectors for gross alpha and beta analysis (3 counters type IN20 and 6 counters type LB770), LAE laboratory may detect very quickly radioactivity in liquid and solid samples.
  • 5
    Liquid scintillation counters
    With 5 liquid scintillation counters for beta emitters analysis, LAE and LED-UE laboratories can quantify Tritium, Carbon 14, Strontium 90 and Nickel 63.
  • 30
    Photomultiplier Counters
    With 30 photomultiplier counters, LAE and LED-UE laboratories measure Radon or Radium in water using scintillation cells, and measure aerosols collected on filters.
  • 2
    Gamma exposure measuring systems
    With 2 thermoluminescent dosimeter readout systems, LED-UD laboratory measures effective dose Hp10 for workers exposed to natural radioactivity and ambiant dose rate H*10 for environmental survey.
  • 2
    DSTN analysis system for Radon and PEAc measurement
    With 2 specific automatic analysis systems and 4 optical microscopes equiped with cameras and counting software, LED-UD laboratory analyse Radon detectors used for initial investigation in buildings. LED-UD laboratory is the only French laboratory qualified for the regulatory dosimetric survey of workers exposed to natural radioactivity.